Is it worth it to shop for fashion online?

Is it worth it to shop for fashion online?

It is a fact universally acknowledged –retail therapy is the best kind of therapy. Online shopping is no different in fact; it is addictive because we spend hours online scrolling through countless items. However, buying clothes online comes with its own set of risks. Here are some of the pros and cons of online shopping.


The Best things about Shopping clothes Online

Saves Time, Fuel, and Hassle

Online shopping is ridiculously convenient. You have unimpeded access to everything you need just a few clicks away from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to change your clothes, drive all the way, or waste any time. Not to forget, fuel costs are through the roof so saving the cost of a few trips is an added bonus. It is a lazy and a busy person’s best friend.

Unlimited options

Stores often tend to stock up on limited pieces. It all comes down to your luck when you are in search of the right size for you. Online, there is a greater range of options available. The search may be a little difficult but your efforts are not wasted.

Available 24/7

Don’t have time to shop during the day? No problem. Just shop online whenever you get the time even if it is during the middle of the night.

No Sales People

It’s nice to not have someone constantly hover over you whilst simultaneously being bombarded with unnecessary questions and offered items you are clearly not interested in purchasing. For those who hate interaction, online shopping is blissful.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can prevent one from some splurges that are just not worth your money and thus saves a lot of future hassle.

Price Comparison

We all have to take our budget into consideration when shopping hence; we’re always actively looking for our favorite items at a better price. Online shopping allows you to find the best price on any item in just a few clicks.


The Risk Factors of Online Shopping

Shipping Costs

Shopping can get exciting and it often clouds the better part of our judgment. Before you confirm your order, it is wise to calculate shipping costs first and not get lured into paying more for it that the product’s price.

Waiting Period

Patience is a virtue nowadays. With online shopping there is almost always a waiting period involved which is inconvenient at times.

Return and Exchange Hassles

It can be a real pain having to deal with size of quality issues. While some sites offer returns and exchanges, many do not.

Payment Insecurities

It’s a dangerous world out there and credit/debit card information can get stolen.

No Trials

With online shopping, you don’t have the luxury to try on the item and feel the fabric or assess the size fitting.

Damaged Goods

Damages during shipment are inevitable. If the retailer doesn’t offer compensation for damages, we suggest you avoid doing business with them.

Buying clothes online is both risky and rewarding. Just set your priorities straight and spend your money wisely.

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