Top 5 cosmetic brands in the US

The world cosmetics market would be touching a whopping US $400 Billion in the next couple of years, with many brands competing to stay on top of their market with new and innovative products to satisfy their discerning clientele.  

Counting more than 85% women worldwide as it’s customer base the cosmetic market in the United States is also up there leading the way with some of the best brands helping in beautifying a majority of women as well as men.

The top five brands in the USA have been in the market beautifying many generations of women and men and would continue to do so even into the future.


Reaching a whopping US $ 11.8 Billion the cosmetic brand Olay from Proctor and Gamble is the world’s leading name and is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2017. Originating in South Africa in 1952 as “Oil of Ulay” it was rebranded as “Olay” in 1999 with the idea of unifying the brand to set the course for its leadership in the cosmetic market in the US and the world. Olay has beauty products to suit any skin type and it is this versatility that has made the brand the leader in the cosmetic markets of the world.


Avon closely trails behind the leader with a mind boggling US $10 Billion in sales worldwide and has a stranglehold on the No: 2 spot in the USA and worldwide too. The brands direct selling strategy which it has been proudly inherited and going back 125 years has been copied by other brands and Avon today boasts of over a million women and men selling the brand worldwide. It has a very impressive portfolio of products and is constantly researching to bring innovative products to its worldwide customer base, who is being educated as to what they would really need for their type of skin.


Neutrogena with a US $6.5 Billion turnover is presently ranking 4th on the world cosmetic top ten and has been acknowledged as a strong contender in the future to give a good run for the top two on this list. Their portfolio is also very wide and is backed by Johnson and Johnson a household name in cosmetics and other products in the US and in more than 70 other countries.


Ranked 8th on the world cosmetic top ten it is best known for Acne treatments and Sun lotions that protect sensitive skin from the harsh effects of UV radiation.

Like other brands on the top ten world list they too are in with a US $3.5 Billion turnover providing them with the impetus to push through with aggressive Research & Development (R&D), to bring new and innovative products to their discerning customers.


Commanding a modest turnover of US $ 3.0 Billion they are also coming out with some great skin care products and are slowly closing in with aggressive marketing strategies.

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