Summer Men’s Fashion: 5 Hottest Summer Trends that Actually Look Cool!

Summer Men’s Fashion: 5 Hottest Summer Trends that Actually Look Cool!

Staying on trend in this day and age is exhausting because literally every other day a new trend takes the internet by storm. Men’s fashion is still relatively slow with its style progression. Trends once introduced tend to stick around for a while until the next big thing comes up. As of summer 2017 trends, we are taking things back in time. Get ready for some serious throwbacks as well as some contemporary glamour because that is just how the fashion world rolls. Following are the 2017’s hottest summer fashion trends for men.


All Camouflage Everything

A staple item in just about every guy’s wardrobe, camo is a safe, classic, and statement style. Camo has been here for ages and it is well loved. So what’s different this time? Apart from luxury designers such as Valentino, DSquared2, and Givenchy paying a tribute to the classic print on its runways, the design now features a more innovative outlook as opposed to the outdated and somewhat boring version of it. This year, you will come across floral variants, unique Italian tailoring, and more texture and spark in general.

Lightweight Parkas

Parkas are a winter and fall season wardrobe staple. Then what exactly is it doing out in the summers? Before you freak out about possibly sweating buckets, this season’s designs are made using a much lighter synthetic material that is very often unlined so as to ensure it stays cool and breezy. These are perfect for a casual day or to complete an athleisure look.


Trouser Variation

Skinnies are officially out and relaxed, baggy cut trousers are in. Although this is not this season’s hottest trend, and the love for next-to-skin jeans will take some time to wear off but if Dolce & Gabbana, Christopher Kane, and Maison Margiela are sporting them, then we’re sure they’re going to stick around.

Loose-fitting Suits

Gone are the days when you could proudly sport a sexy body-hugging suit for it is now time to don a slightly broader shouldered silhouette. Reminiscing about the late 80’s to early 90’s era? Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta have just enabled this trend to make a comeback after decades. This summer, allow your body to breathe by opting for a looser suit.


Pastel Hued Galore

It is time to embrace the warm weather and colors all around us because pastel hues are in and here to stay. With a color palette comprising of primarily baby blues, muted tangerines, soft corals, and subdued lemons, these colors will shake up your boring earthy toned wardrobe like no other. They are not only spunky and vibrant but they are just as versatile, chic, and very masculine. If you’re not willing to experiment, start small by incorporating these shades in the form of accents and see how you like them.

Summer is here in full swing and it is time for a much needed wardrobe update. Follow these latest summer trends to look sophisticated and immaculate this season.

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