Sport Fashion –What to Wear When Sporting?

Sport Fashion –What to Wear When Sporting?

Working out on a daily basis is a trend sported by many individuals across the globe. Staying fit is a part of our daily routines and knowing what to wear is essential to help keep you on the right track. From running on the treadmill and performing squats to brisk walking and yoga, you name it and we’ve got you covered with some of the coolest sportswear trends for both men and women this season. Let’s take a look.


Yoga like never before

Getting into all sorts of crazy positions to help bring out the best in you requires a wacky outfit like never before. Looking graceful yet being comfortable is a task on its own for many ladies out there and choosing the right outfit has a lot to do with all this. Opt for a variety of leggings, second skin tank tops or simply bodysuits. This outfit will keep you moving forward in the right direction.

As for men, the yoga set that consist of loose PJs and hoodie made of soft breathable fabric can help attain those complex stretches.

Home based cardio

Cardio is a great form of exercise and being able to perform your everyday cardio routine from home is fantastic, not to mention the great convenience that comes with it. This season’s trend involves ladies performing cardio yet managing to pull off the wacky yet glam look. Aim for a rather vibrant sports bra or leggings that are trippy print. Men can pull their style with casual tees and shorts for a more rigid look.

Toned down exercises

Not all forms of exercise have to be mega in size or vigorous in nature. For those chilled out stretching sessions, simple meditation or brief walks to get your heartbeat racing require less over the top sports gear. Both women and men can aim to get the simple yet chic look with clothes that aren’t over the top, yet give you the cozy feel you were in search of. Examples include comfortable cotton Tee’s with super soft sweatpants. These can even be worn all day.

Water Sports

Water aerobics is a great and effective form of exercise trending all over the world, known to burn calories and target those problem areas. For those water workouts involving lap swimming and underwater cycling, all men and women can indulge in some of the coolest gear. This involves bold and beautiful towels, one piece swimsuits for women/swimming gear shorts for men, and waterproof slides. Oh did we mention the killer swim joggers to get your adrenaline pumping from the start.


Cycling has been termed a moderate form of exercise, great for those working the 9 to 5 pm shift. Getting the right cycling gear can turn your workout into a more enjoyable experience. All you need are a good pair of sneakers with great traction, sweatpants that won’t get stuck in the gears and a bag kept nearby for personal belongings.

Early morning or late evening runs

Outdoor training in the form of running requires appropriate reflective gear and we’ve got the latest trends for both men and women. The LED running belt is great for runs on isolated roads or neighborhoods. Other than that, women can opt for reflective pants that are tight in fit and have a waistband pocket for keeping essentials. Men can also opt for comp tights or 4-way stretch shorts to keep those legs in targeted compression with ease.

Crossfit shoes for workouts of high intensity

Getting the right footwear is crucial for an effective workout. From kettlebell swings to rope climbs, you name it and these shoes will give you the grip, firmness, confidence, and style you desire. Did we mention the numerous funky designs and neon colors available to suit your preference?


This season is different in terms of sports gear from others as various brands are focusing on specific forms of workout/activities. This way you can feel fabulous about your performance and look the part too, no matter how you earn your sweat.

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