8 Fashion Accessories That Will Make Men Look Great

8 Fashion Accessories That Will Make Men Look Great

Every man needs an arsenal of accessories that will transform his look from zero to hero in no time. Contrary to popular opinion, men do indeed like to dress well and look sharp. It is true that men only need around six or more different pieces of clothing to recreate looks on an everyday basis. Following is a list of classy yet fashionable accessories for men that will prevent any last minute confusion and ensure you look sharp, confident, and suave.

White Pocket Square

Every man must own a suit. What turns a boring suit into something exquisite and immaculate are the details. A white pocket square is one such seemingly insignificant accessory for men that can leave a huge impact. Ridiculously affordable yet elegant and classy, this small addition can transform your suit from basic work wear to formal black tie in a moment.

Black and Navy Ties

No formal or office wear outfit is complete without a tie. Every man must own a pair of black and navy blue statement ties. Minimalist yet bold, these statement ties will complement any colored suit and reflect a clean and crisp overall persona.

Dress Socks

A very commonly overlooked part of any outfit is your socks. It is time to toss out those boring plain white socks because this is not elementary school any more. Dress socks can be worn on a daily basis for work as well as casually or formally. Versatile, affordable, and available in different textures and designs, these are an everyday essential.

Ray Ben Sunglasses

Sunglasses not only look stylish and immaculate but they provide your eyes with the basic protection they require from sun exposure. Sun exposure leads to squinting which eventually leads to wrinkles. Add a hint of mystery and sophistication to your everyday look with a pair of stylish sunglasses and give your look a complete 180 degrees.

Black and Brown Shoes

Oxford or Derby shoes are the most stylish picks for any man because apart from oozing elegance and class, they also happen to be incredibly versatile. Not only do they pair exquisitely with a suit, but they work just as well with jeans, trousers, and chinos. Black and brown are statement and staple color choices that will go with just about every color combination.

Leather Dress Belts

To complete a look, a belt is essential and it is even more essential to make sure that your dress belt matches your dress shoes.

Casual or Dress Watch

Watches are the perfect arm candy for any man. In between the numerous tech gadgets, a timepiece worn on wrist is a classic accessory. There should have at least two in his wardrobe –one for formal occasions and other for sports.  

Quality Wallet

Wallets are convenient, stylish, and an absolute must have. A simple statement one works with every outfit.


Regardless of age, the nature of their work, lifestyle choices, and personal dressing styles, there are certain staple items that are a must-have for every man. Make sure your arsenal is complete with these everyday basics and dress sharp to look your best self every day of the week.

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