5 Reasons Why Women Hate Shopping With Men

5 Reasons Why Women Hate Shopping With Men

It is a fact universally acknowledged that retail therapy is the best therapy and women are the unrequited champions of it. Shopping is something that comes naturally to most women. They take pride in finding the right item after spending hours rummaging through racks, heaps, and piles. It is a cathartic experience. The one thing that is not though is when they have to shop with men. The opposite sex is just as inexperienced in the field as is an infant. It also comes down to pure interest. Most men just do not understand it and it would much rather spend that time doing something else. Women cannot deal with that kind of attitude when it comes to shopping. Here are some of the reasons why women hate shopping with men.

Men are impatient Shoppers

Women like to spend more time in the market and really make sure to search well before making a purchase. While men might swipe their credit cards at the sight of the first thing they lay their eyes on, women will admire the item first but never purchase it right away. They will search the market to their heart’s content because it is likely she might stumble upon something else that she really likes too. This process requires the kind of patience that men do not normally possess and they tend to rush women which can get infuriating.


Men are indecisive and like limited options

Women like to have options to choose from. Picking from a range of items needs good decision making. Men on the other hand can be quite indecisive and thus like to limit their options to make the process of selection a lot easier which is annoying for many women who generally love the opposite scenario.


They tend to lack interest

Women too can get quite indecisive. Choosing something is not an easy task therefore suggestions and opinions are highly appreciated by women when out on a shopping splurge. While other women are able to help with their point of view, men tend to struggle with deciphering the difference between eggshell and cream. This lack of interest can enrage many women who value honest suggestions.


They don’t like to Search

Women do not just toss their money at the first thing that pleases their eye. Searching allows you to stick to your budget and also buy your favorite. Men will never understand the need for such searching. They never consider the fact that there might be something better somewhere else just calling out her name, waiting to be purchased. Women find this rather ridiculous and ignorant.


Men don’t enjoy trials

Trials ensure that you are getting the right size and that it looks good. What might be pleasing to the eyes might not necessarily look good when you wear it. Trials and the subsequent selection process take time and thus are not every man’s favorite.

This struggle of the sexes to get along when shopping will never end. The only way to make things work is to compromise and meet halfway.

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