5 Men’s Fashion Trends That Must be Ditched Immediately

5 Men’s Fashion Trends That Must be Ditched Immediately

With the arrival of every season, there is an expected change in trends. Men’s fashion has revolutionized over the course of recent years with some amazing and other not-so-amazing fashion ideas. Following is a definitive list of men’s fashion trends that must be buried deep in the pages of history books under the heading of trends that should have never been green lit in the first place.

Skinny Fit Clothing

Skinny fit clothing was at one point was a statement fashion choice for emotional rebels who loved eyeliner and spikey hair after which it progressed and made its way into mainstream fashion. Skinny fit clothing was the talk of the town at a certain point in time but it is time we start coming back to the classic regular fit days. Skin fit clothing creates an unattractive Y-shaped silhouette that is particularly unflattering regardless of one’s body type. Not only that, they make one’s torso appear a lot heavier and their legs much shorter. As for skin fit suits, unless you are looking to accentuate certain body parts in ways that aren’t particularly attractive, we suggest ditching this trend and opt for something more relaxed.

Neckerchiefs and Bandanas

Whilst the trend of neckerchiefs is effective for sun protection, it doesn’t accomplish anything that sunscreen cannot. Unless you belong to an era where 70’s Midwestern fashion is all the hype, we’d suggest letting go of this one. It’s cute when boy scouts wear them with their uniform but not so much when an adult does. As for bandanas, only wear one where it would be appropriate that is if you’re going for a picnic or to a music festival.

Pajama Suits

After the 70’s hipster revolution, the pajama suit was introduced to the world as a substitute for classic suits that were labeled uncomfortable and stiff. This horrid innovation further led to the creation of something even more horrendous which was the Suitsy, i.e. the onesie business suit. Ditch all of these failed attempts at innovation and instead opt for something more classic and customized to your taste.

Deep V-Neck T-Shirts

The global ambassador for ridiculousness, deep V-neck t-shirts are amongst the few trends that should’ve never hit the shelves. Contrary to the misconception that they can help you effectively flaunt your pecks; these only manage to feminize your look. Instead, we suggest opting for classic crew neck t-shirts.

Slogan Tees

A tasteless attempt at exhibiting one’s sense of humor, slogan tees are not acceptable donned on anyone that goes beyond the age of 15 years. While the classic plain tees make the strongest fashion statement, many people often find them boring. Depending on your personal taste, if you wish to switch things up a bit, opt for graphic tees that add a subtle hint of humor as opposed to inappropriate pickup lines or bad jokes.

Fashion is very personal and you have every right to do whatever you want but if you love any one of these horrendous trends then we suggest you reconsider your choices.

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